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When handling your projects furniture, art and items, experience is key to a successful completion. From receiving to packing, to storing and the eventual final mile delivery, a lot could go wrong if a company isn’t prepared and knowledgeable enough to handle your furniture. We pride ourselves on how our team handles each piece from start to finish ensuring the very best in care and quality services.

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Interior designers have trusted Hercules for decades to provide discreet and competent deliveries to their high-net-worth clients. We know that their furniture and art could be valued in the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars and need to be packed, treated and delivered with experience that match expectations.

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White Glove Service with Pickup & Installation

We understand the needs associated with a premium delivery or move and know there isn’t a 2nd chance to get the job done right when it comes to protecting our client’s furniture and valuables.


Our team will work with the client to customize their specific needs that fits all aspects of their project. We will tailor fit scheduling requirements in and around your schedule and the schedule requirements of strict condo associations and high rises.


We can handle all aspects of the delivery process including pickup, crating, boxing, packing and declared value coverage.

Moving Company

Packing & Crating Service

Moving Company

Safely packing and crating is an artform in itself. From the Biggest to smallest piece and from hardened steel to fragile blown glass, we make sure the correct materials are used to protect our client’s fine furniture and valuables.

While many moving companies cheaply wrap the furniture with a thin layer of protection, we spare no expense with high quality protection. Our highly trained and experienced teams know exactly where all weight-bearing points need to be protected the most and what parts have the highest chance of damage if not cared for or packed correctly.

Warehousing: Receiving & Storage Service

Whether its residential, commercial or an interior designer project, we can receive, inspect, store, repack and distribute your items seamlessly with our specialized equipment and highly experienced staff. Our warehouse team will make sure every item is inspected, photographed in our studio (on request), itemized and inventoried, while our back office will update you on each bill of lading we receive and process. Our 120,000 sq ft plus of storage space allows us to be flexible with any storage needs.

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Interior Designer Installation Service

Moving Company

For decades, Interior designers and manufacturers have trusted Hercules with large and complex showroom installations and moves. Our team knows how to prep and safely pack fine Furniture, Artwork and one of kind pieces for project relocations.


Our team understands that they’re dealing with high end items and we make sure they take their time making the proper choices and adjustments when packing and preparing for moves and shipments.

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Nationwide Freight Service

Though our specialty is Miami to NY, we have the ability to use our fleet of trucks or one of the hundreds of nationwide partners to move your items across the country. From smaller items that need to be crated and shipped to full truckloads of fine furniture, have got you covered.

Storage facility

3PL Service

Storage facility
We offer a whole suite of 3PL services, from receiving, to shipping & customer service. We manage inbound and outbound transportation for our clients with our own fleet of trucks and other carriers.
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Miami - NY Shuttle Run Service

Though Miami to NY is our most popular route, we make many stops in between and in the northeast, United States. From full home and showroom moves to single fine furniture item, we customize the schedule that works for both us & our clients.

Manufacturers have trusted us for decades to provide safe and fast pickup and final mile, white glove delivery solutions up and down the east coast.

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